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I The Basicsix
1 Rules, Regulations, and Registrations 1
2 Introduction to the X Window System 7
3The Down and Dirty Do It Yourself Guide to UNIX11
4What is this thing called ProgSoc? 17
5Vi - A Slow and Malicious Guide19
7The Really Big Modem Chapter47
8Customising the C Shell 59
9Where Now? 63

II Networking Without Business Cards!65
The Usenet News Service 69
11Electronic Mail 77
13File compression 95

IIITimewasting Techniques 105
14FTP: the File Transfer Protocol107
15Forest - No harm intended113
16The Wonderful World O'MUD119
17The World Wide Web; or, Shameless Self-promotion     127

IVLifestyle Section 137
18Foraging at UTS! 139
19Dangers Of Computer Science143
20What's available at UTS?147
The ProgSoc Activity Page! 148

VHarder Stuff149
21Protection of Computer Programs151
22Compiling UNIX Software 157
23The X Windows System Environment169
24Getting to Know Your Shell179
25Erotic Fantasy: /bin/sh Programming189
26Fun with Procmail 203
27Linux 211

ACompiling, Running and Debugging Programs215
BProspering With Miranda 223
CFVWM Configuring 231


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