Wed, 28 Oct 2009

Falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus.

Note: via Blog post (obviously different formatting) and sent by email

roughly: Lying in one, lying in all.

That is from Steve Waddington.

Please see the attached screenshot — I have obliterated service identifying information. View of my inbox for the last 18 months show more than one email.

I find it telling that what I said in my original post, of all the things there the one you decided to fact-check was the number of emails between us.

And you got that wrong.

What was is you said again? Falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus? Do you still stand by that statement?

If you have looked at the original complaint, no one asked for anything but information on 'what went wrong'.

It simply noted that fact that payment occurred, and we were disconnected and went on to say "We find the above experience of diconnecting [sic] our service by EXETEL a very poor customer relationship experience."

The response to that could have been: "Yes, that is a poor customer experience. We will look into it and see if we can improve."

Instead we had an accusatory email back commenting, firstly, of the amount of time of the disconnection.

As if someone paying for something and not receiving it for only 1 minute is OK.

The point being missed – we paid for something and we did not receive it.

The point being missed -- this is a poor customer experience

The second email then, falsely, accused us of not actually paying in the first place! Later the individual concerned, after the TIO complaint, clarifies that 'yes', we did indeed pay.

Very telling indeed, then, when you were pointed to my blog entry and rather than pick up on the stratgeic ("we are getting feedback, for free, on how we can improve our processes") you looked at the tactical ("he is lying! How I prove it and thus be happy in ignoring what was said").

As I said, It is easier to hear when your fingers are not in your ears.

In light of your recent blog post, and the recently released TIO report, I find Exetels' behaviour all the more perplexing.

Complain to Exetel, get your service contract summarily terminated.

Complain about Exetel, and get libelled publicly.

But I guess when you have 1/6th (163 out of 620) of your complaints related to Customer Service (from the TIO report) and 3% of your own existing customers (from your blog post) complaining, you get the reputation you earn.

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