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Wed, 09 Nov 2005

Blogging with a phone

Or 'mobloging' for short. Basically it is using your mobile phone to add content to your blog. All very interesting, except when you get to the details.

Stewart Smith gave it a whirl ([1], [2]) with fairly predictable results. This is because the message you might receive is dependent on the phone manufacturer and the MMC does to your message. And that is before it might be mangled along the way via email.

Basically most phones (or MMCs) will convert the content to either Base32 or, more commonly, Base64. Generally the MMS is composed of only two parts, and then sent to an email address. From there you'll have to write something that takes the email and converts it into a blog entry.

A while ago a friend of mine wanted to do the same, so I wrote some perl to do it for him. It seemed to work for him (with some tweaks) and it might be enough for you too. You can grab it here However you might find it simpler to use GNU Arch and register http://www.progsoc.org/~wildfire/arch/projects/ and then browse in wildfire@progsoc.org--projects/moblog.

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